Yoga Philosophy 101: What Happens When We Practice the Yoga Of Action?

This blog is a part of a series of blogs on Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. In the previous sutra, we talked about Yoga of Action. This sutra describes what happens when we engage in the “Yoga of Action”.


Yoga Sutra 2.2: Samadhi-bhavanarthah klesatanukaranarthas-ca

samadhi – fusion, complete integration, complete absorption
bhavana – becoming, a disposition
arthah – purpose, function, goal
klesha – afflictions
tanu  – thinning, weakening
karana – causing, action
cha – and

The Yoga of Action (YS 2.1) has two purposes: 1) cultivating steady attention or moving towards complete absorption and 2) minimizing suffering.

In other words, the practice of yoga has two benefits: it reduces suffering and clears perception. As we practice the yoga of action, the right action becomes automatic. Gradually, we move in the state of attention (samadhi) and our suffering is reduced. In fact, we are all capable of clear perception. But somethings come on the way. The following sutras address possible causes of suffering.

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