Healing Power Of Yoga: 5 Minutes Towards Inner Peace

If there was a pill to make you feel better, calm your mind, potentially transform your life, and with no side effects. Would you take it?

Even better, instead of taking a pill, you can do a yoga practice between 5 and 10 minutes a day with the same effect of this magical pill.

So, where do we start?

A first thing to remember:

If you want to be a different person, start by changing your experiences.

Yoga Practice


If you don’t have a daily yoga practice, you can try this simple exercise:

1) Find a comfortable sitting, standing or laying down position (keeping your spine straight).

2) Observer your breaths for a few seconds.

3) As you inhale and take your arms up (feel your chest expanding) and as you exhale bring your arms down (slightly contract your belly).  Coordinate your breath with movement. Repeat the arm movements for a few times.

4) If you are familiar with ujjayi, take 12 rounds of inhales and exhales on the count of four.

5) Close your eyes and bring to mind the image of a place you like (top of the mountain for me, but it could be a beach or a beautiful sunrise). Don’t get too caught up in creating images. Keep it simple.

6) Keep your mind on this image for a few seconds as you continue to take deep breaths.

7) The goal is not to have your mind empty, but to keep it focused. So, if thoughts are rising, you can label them “thoughts” and promise that you get back to them in a few minutes as soon as you will be done here.

8) To complete, release the image and take a few seconds and say “thank you.” Slowly get up, take a few seconds to notice how you feel before you continue with your daily routine.

This practice should not take you more than 5 to 10 minutes. No more excuses!

Thanks for reading. Now, it is time to experience and share.


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