Elevating New Year’s Resolutions in 6 Simple Steps

Are you ready to change your life this year in just 30 minutes?  If your answer is yes, scroll down and take 6 action steps to elevate your New Year’s resolutions. 

You are all excited and enthusiastic about your goals. But, it takes about ten days to hit your first setback. You skip the class, sneak an extra brownie or a cigarette, yell at your spouse or your kids. Somehow, you are right back where we’ve you started.

Why New Year’s Resolutions Fail?

Firstly, check your motivation. Is it a flip of the calendar that moves you? Is it external stimulants? Provided that this is the case, sorry, but you are on the road to failure. Secondly, you must have a plan of action with goals and dates. Finally, if you are seeking a real transformation and you desire to be your best possible self. Then, consider a few things before making your resolutions:

  • You are perfect right now.
  • There is always room for improvement.
  • Transformation is re-arranging what’s already inside.
  • Change is the act of cultivating healthy and removing toxic habits.
  • Quit the blame game.
  • Quit excuses.
  • Take the following action plan and create your dream year today!

Action Plan


1) Become An Observer.

Where do you stand right now?

The best way to know where you are is to take an inventory.

Let’s say you would like to lose weight. So, you need to know how much are you currently eating and how food makes you feel. Also, how much do you weight, what are your measurements (fat, BMI, hips, thighs, waistline).

You can take the same approach if you’d like to save money or time. Where are you spending your dollars and your attention?

You can download my template. Change it to what works for you. Of course, you can use a notepad and a pen. Whatever works for you.

Download Log Template.

Consider tracking yourself for a few weeks before going any further so you can see where you are right now.

Do it Now: What is your #1 habit that you would you like to change? Share in the comments below. 

2) What Is Working Right Now?

One of the benefits of the tracking practice (#1) for you to see how much you’ve accomplished. In case you’re curious, my list this past year included the following things (among others):

  • Yoga practice helped me to stay focused.
  • Keeping a log of what I eat helped me to change my unhealthy patterns.
  • Intermittent Fasting helped me curb my food addiction.
  • Whole food plant based diet helped me to stay healthy and fit.
  • Working out kept me strong and independent.
  • Spending time outdoors, swimming, and listen to audiobooks made me sane.
  • Cold therapy proved to me that I could do anything if I put my mind into it.
  • Creating a new website helped me to share my thoughts and express my creativity.
  • Learning new things, not following the conventional wisdom, and being my own scientist saved me from the surgery.

Do it Now: What worked well for you? Write it down. Share in the comments below. 

3) What Is Not Working?

The purpose of this exercise is not to punish yourself. But, to observe what’s preventing you from being your best possible self.

  • Taking in more than I can chew (including food and activities).
  • Wasting time watching TV and on social media.
  • Allowing fear to prevent me from living.
  • Losing focus on what’s important.
  • Binging.

    Do it Now: What is not working for you right now? Write it down. Share in the comments below. 

4) What Makes Your Heart Tick?

Considering that you’ve done all the exercises above. You have a list of intentions, goals, things that work and don’t work. Now, it is time to make a list of the most important things or the Most Important Categories. Here is my list:

  1. My health and wellbeing.
  2. Health and wellbeing of my husband and my dog.
  3. Doing Fun things
  4. Education.
  5. Creating.
  6. Making Money.
  7. Connecting.

A list doesn’t have to be from higher to lower priority.

Do it Now: Make a list of your most important five things.

5) Write 3 Top Goals For Each Category.

Anything too vague is not a specific goal. For example, “I want to be happy” or “I want to do more yoga” or “I want to be healthy” are all examples of vague goals.

We all want to be happier, healthier and richer. This process requires each goal to be specific.

Remember: Your success is in your hands. Why would you want to be vague about it?  

Here is an example of one of my goals:

Category Writing: Create useful and meaningful blogging content.

  • Goal#1: Create “How to” Videos  | Action: record, edit, publish | (Due 3/30/2017)
  • Goal#2: Read | Action: Schedule 45 minutes a day to sit down and read | Daily
  • Goal#3: Write guest post | Action: contact publishing resources | (Due 4/20/2017)
  • Why? I need to create and share.

Category Health and Fitness: Be my fittest self.

  • Goal#1: Work out daily | Action: bed time 8:00 pm, wake up 4:00 am | Daily
  • Goal#2: Hike 14-er | Potentially October 2017
  • Why? Movement is life. I need to be fit to enjoy outdoors, to lift my groceries and to be independent.

Do it Now: What is your #1 habit that you would you like to change? Share in the comments below. 

6) Roadmap of Your Year.

Now it is time to make a monthly plan. Furthermore, you can break it down into weekly later.

You can download my goal-setting worksheet or create your own.

You can use my “Road Map” as an example:

  1. January:  creating a road map
  2. February: preparing to fix my knee, writing, working on videos, fasting, cold therapy
  3. March: fixing my knee, working on the Yoga Sutra 2nd chapter
  4. April: physical therapy towards complete recovery
  5. May: possible getting back outdoors, working towards completing the 2nd chapter
  6. June: if knee OK, hike with Rocky.
  7. July: potentially getting back to teaching yoga hike, publishing my drafts
  8. August: possibly getting back to teaching yoga hike, posting my drafts
  9. September: getting back out into the wild
  10. October: ACL regenerated, back to play!
  11. November: TBD
  12. December: end of year routines.

“6 actions” exercise should take about 30 to 45 minutes.

Don’t Let Your Fears or Laziness Rule Your Life.

Your mind is most likely is working hard on excuses by now. But, I don’t have time. Besides, it is easier for you. STOP! 

Don’t let your fear or laziness rule your life.

Rather, take a breath, do a 10-mintue yoga. Just write it! Consequently, you’ll thank yourself later. Also, you can create your own points. Write it out, send it to your friends, do whatever it takes to commit to your plan.

Never Underestimate What You Can Do in One Year If You Set Your Goals!

To clarify, it is not easier for me. Like many of you, I struggle with losing my focus, dark times and food addictions. In fact, I was very unhealthy physically and mentally.

Not to mention, I was pretty sure I would die by the age of 30.

However, keeping track and adjusting changed my life accordingly. Now, at 41 years young, I can tell that I am pretty happy about my life. I consider myself lucky. Also, I give myself some credit. If I hadn’t changed my patterns, the best-case scenario is that I would’ve been dead. But, the worst-case scenario is that I could’ve been very sick and unhappy.

I quit smoking, drinking, lost over 40 pounds and was able to keep it off. With that said, there is always room for improvement.

What do you have to lose?

Make this year the best year of your life! 

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