Healing Power Of Fasting – Lose Weight with Fast Mimicking Diet (FMD) 

Are you interested in losing weight, boosting your immune system, and improving the health of your cell? If your answer is yes, keep reading. In this article, I share my Fast Mimicking Diet (FMD) experiment.

Why Fast?

I started fasting intermittently in preparation for my stem cell procedure in June 2016. Typically, I skip dinner each day and eat two meals per day. The first meal is between 8:00 and 10:00 am—the second meal between 12:30 and 2:00 pm. Additionally, I fast 24 hours every week.

Firstly, I’ve increased muscle mass and decreased body fat.  Secondly, I feel more energy. Thirdly, my stem cell count was super high. Finally, I can manage my food addictions.

However, a longer fast completely reboots the immune system. A study suggests that a fast for two to four days triggers stem cell regeneration of new immune cells. Not to mention clearing out old and damaged cells.

Fasting is a state of mind. Your body can survive without food for a long time. For instance, Ray Cronise did a water fast for about 30 days. He also helped a famous magician Penn Jillette to lose 105 pounds. So my point is, if Ray could do it, I can do it!

But my mind is not ready to undertake 5-day water fast yet. So, as I’ve delved into the research online, I’ve discovered a study by Professor Valter Longo.

Also, I’ve listened to Dr. Rhonda Patrick interview with Valter Longo:

The Fasting Mimicking Diet (FMD)

ProLon Meals

The study and interview got me excited and motivated. So, I’ve decided to give it a try. I ordered the Fast Mimicking Diet (FMD) ProLon meal plan. The meal program is based on scientific discoveries by ProLon’s research and development conducted at the University of Southern California’s Longevity Institute led by Professor Valter Longo.  Furthermore, humans who tested the FMD regimen found that they had reduced biomarkers linked to aging, diabetes, cancer, and heart disease within three months, as well as cutting overall body fat.

To read more about science, follow the link here.

The Fast Mimicking Diet is a plant-based meal program providing about 1,150 calories on Day 1 and about 880 calories on Days 2 through 5.  Your body is not recognizing that it is eating and therefore remaining in a fasting mode. In other words, it is fasting with food!

Finally, I received my magic box. The box contents included: bottles of energy drink mix, raw nut bars, kale chips, vitamin tablets, capsules of oil, herbal tea bags, and instant soups.

Also, a copy of the nutritional information and instructions.

First Day (Friday)

The first day was the easiest. The best part is I can still have my morning coffee!  Breakfast was my favorite part.

9:00 am – The macadamia and cashew nuts bar was pretty filling. Followed by hibiscus tea and an oil capsule.

12:00 pm – Lunch of instant tomato soup, olives, and kale chips. The soup was not my favorite.

3:00 pm –  Another instant cup of Minestrone, the same bar for breakfast, and a “chocolatish” crispy treat. Typically I do my 24-hours fast on Friday. So, my first day was a piece of cake. Soups and kale chips were not to my taste. I prefer homemade meals. But, it was straightforward to eat the pre-made meals!

Second Day (Saturday)

The menu is the same, except for the added energy drink and no extra bar.

9:00 am – The macadamia and cashew nuts bar and herbal tea.

12:00 pm – A cup of mushroom soup and delicious five olives. Again, the soup was not my favorite.

3:00 pm –  A cup of quinoa like instant soup, five more olives, and a crisp cocoa treat.

How I missed cooking!  And I missed normal meals. Not to mention, I crave avocados and berries. However, I was not hungry. It’s just life without food is boring.

Third-Day (Sunday)

The third day is practically the same as the second. Breakfast is tea, one nut bar, and two NR-1 vitamin pills. The energy drink and a cup of hibiscus tea. Tomato soup for lunchtime, followed by Minestrone. Yak, I felt like vomiting. Good time to catch up on sleep.

Fourth Day (Monday)

Even though the menu was pretty much the same as the previous day, the 4th day was one of the worst days.  Provided that, I had to get back to work on Monday. And Mondays are typically one of the busiest days of the week. Given that, I’ve been super irritable. Trying to focus on breathing and having a perspective that my fast is nearly over didn’t help.

Not to mention, I was not looking forward to eating another instant Tomato and Minestrone.

Thanks for the audio books to keep my mind off kale chips! One more day.

Fifth Day (Tuesday)

Mornings are easy. The bar is yummy; coffee makes up for missing flavors. Last day with instant soups, yes! Epsom salt bath at night to celebrate success. I did feel a bit weak and irritated.

Sixth Day (Wednesday – Transitional Day)


The protocol recommends a transitional day towards normal food. Most importantly, to avoid bingeing. I started with a fruit smoothie and 1/2 avocado for lunch. Followed by homemade oil-free mushrooms with another piece of avocado for dinner. Heaven!


Firstly, I lost about six pounds in five days, and I didn’t regain it afterward. I didn’t do any specific medical tests. But, I felt absolutely amazing by the weekend (2 days after the 5th day).

Secondly, the Fast Mimicking Diet was straightforward to follow. With all the ingredients prepared and boxed.

Finally, it was interesting to observe how much space food (cooking, preparing, and thinking about what to eat) takes in my mind. So, this diet helped me to simplify my plate.


The box comes with a high price tag.

In conclusion, it was totally worth it to try!

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