6 Secret Tools to Supercharge Your Home Gym

If you enjoy working out at your home gym and have some extra space, the following tools will enrich and kick start your fitness journey. However, some of the gadgets come with a price tag. So, it is up to you if you would like to invest.

Personally, I love my and use gadgets all the time. In fact, my fitness took a new level with these tools. Not to mention, I can achieve the results of a gym membership, Pilates classes and massage therapy in the comfort of my own home gym.

6 Secret Tools to Supercharge Your Home Gym

1) Foam Roller ($18.99)

Nowadays, I use my foam roller to open my chest in conjunction with breathing exercises.  I have 36 inches one.  It can be used while working on balancing and as a massager.

2) Pilates Tower ($145.00) 

3) Fit Desk ($227.58)

The fit desk is a stationary bike with a place for a laptop.  I’ve been using this desk for the last two years. I work from home and mostly on the computer. If you are like me, it is a gem! I use it for a few hours daily.  It is very quiet and looks like new after two years.

Usage: Daily
Level: All levels, working from home, browsing social media, reading SOFLY blog.
Pros: Comfortable saddle, back rest with easy height adjustment knob, desk surface is extra gripping, ultra quiet and smooth pedaling, resistance level can be set very high, includes arm exercise bands (when getting bored during the meeting).
Cons: I don’t use a meter, but it looks simple, no room for a coffee mug.

4) Reebok Board ($199.99)

Ready to kill your core? If your answer is yes, this board will do the job.  I got it after my PT make me work on this baby as a part of my knee rehabilitation process.

Usage: 3/4 times a week (core, balance)
Level: Rehab, intermediate users, advanced core work
Pros: Super durable high quality, great for core work
Cons: Expensive, no instructions included, not as wobbly as some desire (comparison to generation core board).

5)  Quad Killer (105.95)

The absolute best piece of equipment to 1) build your quadriceps and calf muscles and to stretch your calfs and hamstrings.  It is super stable, easy to use and very high quality.
Usage: 3/4 times weekly for legs work and stretching.
Level: Rehab, Intermediate, Advanced
Pros: Easy to use, comes with basic instructions, doesn’t take a lot of space.
Cons: Expensive if you don’t use it.

6) My Personal Massus ($110.16)

This is my #1 bestseller. I love this magic box. Ever since I bought it, it was a love at the first sight. The reason why it is at number six is that this tool requires a bit of commitment to use. I got lucky with my physical therapist who introduced me to it. Basically, you get a full body massage for $100 in the privacy of your home.

It is a self-massage kit designed to improve flexibility, the range of motion and tissue strength while addressing muscle tightness.
The kit includes quad-baller, Footballer and Baller Block, two TP Massage Balls, TP2 Ball Sleeve, and access to instructions on the Trigger Point video portal.

Step-by-step online instructions guide you through easy-to-follow self-massage techniques covering twelve areas of the body.

Education available for both web and mobile platforms allows you to manage your own therapeutic self-care at home, in the gym, or on the road! Backed by a one year manufacturer’s warranty.

Usage: Daily (massage)
Level: All Levels
Pros: Durable, easy to use, on-line database with tutorials
Cons: Can be intimidating if you never used any self-massage tools.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Share in the comment the tools you use.

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