Encounter with Ecstasy [Music Meditation]

Western scientists have an underlying assumption that normal is absolutely as good as it gets and that the exceptional is only for saints, that is something that cannot be cultivated.

Alan Watts

I’ve been practicing and learning the traditional or classical yoga over two decades. I’ve learned the rules how to create a decent individual and group practice for others.  I’ve studied yogic scriptures and the history.  My life completely changed as my yogic journey progressed. I quit smoking, lost weight, met the love of my life, moved to my dream house.

I had a mentor, community, students. After I moved to Colorado, I said goodbye to my teacher and my community. I needed some time to make yoga my own. 

Fast-forward to today, and I have my very own yoga practice, which will probably make my old teacher angry and some “serious” students and educators would lift their bushy eyebrows. But the practice works for me! 

In this blog, I would like to share a deep meditation my experience. 

Deactivate Mind’s Chatter.

In my meditation, I was listening to the music. Not just letting it play in the background, but breathing it, feeling it, tasting it.

In fact, one of the most dramatic effects of music’s is to bring the state of trans or altered state.

When listening to music, brainwaves move from the high-beta of ordinary consciousness down into the meditative ranges of alpha and theta. At the same time, levels of stress hormones drop, spiking dopamine, endorphins, serotonin, and oxytocin.

Samadhi in the Bathtub Gin

As I was diving into the melody, the primordial drums, I had visions of the desert, distant stars, and the mountains. I was riding giant snakes through the colored dunes of Arabia, flying through the stars to Europa, tasting the music with my second brain, the belly. The music tasted like berries. 

Next, my body dissolved and my visions disappeared.  The music became a universal beat.

I felt an intense sense of connection.  In my yogic teachings, I only grasped the concept of ultimate connection or ecstasy intellectually. As I was listening to the majestic sound of the guitar, for a beat, I was a spark, a star in a galaxy. My spirit was connected with the whole Universe. My material possessions, my body, my daily struggles lost their meaning as I kept listening to the heartbeat of the universe in the bathtub gin melody. I didn’t care for anything – I just was!

Every moment can become an opportunity

Every moment can become an opportunity to practice total connection or samadhi. To me, music works well. 

To conclude, I think music can help us to experience and altered mindstates. To meditate on music will all your being is just like art, dance, sex and nature.  

So what are you waiting for? Tune in, drop out! 

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