Easy Healthy Rice And Beans

Here is my version of the New Orleans Rice and Beans. Easy to make, packed with fiber and nutrients, hearty and healthy.

Preparation time is about one hour. I like to soak the beans for a few hours, but it is totally optional.


  • 1 cup of dry red kidney beans (3 cups of water)
  • ½ cup of brown rice (1 cup of water)
  • 1 avocado
  • Greens (spinach, kale, or any other dark leafy greens)




  • Discard any broken beans or debris before cooking.
  • Rinse beans and drain.
  • Beans may be soaked overnight, but the pressure cooker allows you to cook beans without presoaking. 
  • You may add garlic, celery, sprigs of fresh herbs, or add a bay leaf for additional flavor. I use paprika, cayenne, and cumin for seasoning.
  • Do not salt before cooking as salt inhibits cooking. 
  • Cook using “High Pressure” for 25 minutes (soaked) and 35 minutes for un-soaked beans, followed by the Natural Pressure Release.


  • Mix rice and with water.
  • Bring to boil.
  • Lower the heat and simmer for 20 minutes.

You can mix the rice and beans in a fresh salad or use water to pan sauté over medium-high heat.

Garnish with love and avocado! You can add corn, tomatoes, and whatever your heart desires. 

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