Anna Sheinman is the SOFLY (Stream of Life Yoga Wellness) founder and the owner. She is a passionate yoga student, a teacher, an outdoor enthusiast, a foodie, a bookworm, and a writer who is hopelessly in love with the Rocky Mountains. Anna is a 700 RYT registered yoga teacher. Anna continues to study with her teacher Chase Bossart in the tradition of T. Krishnamacharya.  She has been fortunate to study with Mr. Desickchar, Gary Kraftsow, and AG Mohan. Also, Anna studied Pilates with Ellie Herman.

She enjoys hiking, skiing, rock climbing, love animals and the vastness of the mountains. Anna currently teaches yoga around the Boulder County area and organizes outdoor yoga retreats, where she teaches in her favorite studio – at the top of the mountain. Anna’s life transformation has inspired her to help others on the journey to create healthier and happier lives through the exploration of yoga and other tools.

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My mission is to help you to attain what was previously unattainable. Clear your mind, work the body, don’t be a victim of your circumstances and create your own reality.

I am here to aid your path towards becoming your best possible self with wellness tools like yoga, fitness, and nutrition.