Anna Sheinman is the SOFLY (Stream of Life Yoga Wellness) founder and the owner. She is a passionate health and wellness fanatic, yoga student, a teacher, an outdoor enthusiast, a bookworm, and a writer who is hopelessly in love with the Rocky Mountains. Anna is over 800 RYT registered yoga and Pilates teacher. She continues to study with her teacher Chase Bossart in the tradition of T. Krishnamacharya. Anna has been fortunate to study with Mr. Desickchar, Gary Kraftsow, and AG Mohan, and Ellie Herman.

She enjoys hiking, skiing, rock climbing, loves animals and the vastness of the mountains. Anna currently teaches yoga around the Boulder County area and organizes outdoor yoga retreats, where she teaches in her favorite studio – at the top of the mountain. Anna’s life transformation has inspired her to help others on the journey to create healthier and happier lives by exploring yoga and other tools.

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“Anna is a caring and skilled yoga instructor. Her broad training from a variety of teachers is translated into sessions that seem to be specially tailored for each individual in the class. Additionally, she has volunteered to give “benefit” yoga classes, donating the proceeds to several different health-related causes. Her calm, positive personality makes her a joy to work with.”

Sarah Gross Feol | President at Rescue Chocolate. Vice President at U.S. Veg Corp. Advisor, Home Food Companies

“Anna is a very thoughtful and compassionate teacher. Her knowledge about the human body is vast and her yoga training very extensive. She is very passionate about teaching to her students capability always respectful of limitations or level. If you are looking for a yoga class that empowers you, makes you feel refreshed rather than exhausted, her style will be perfect for you.”

Chantall Brachmann | Sr. Pilates Educator at Rise Pilates

“Anna has been teaching yoga and Pilates to our family for two years. She is very knowledgeable in her craft.  My husband needed more flexibility, while I needed more strength and our eight years old needed more structure. Anna crafted classes for us making it challenging, fun and encouraging.”

Inna Matson


Your well-being is of the utmost importance to me. I love teaching and mixing Eastern and Western wisdom to make it fun, cool, and accessible. Whether you are working with me online, venturing out for outdoor therapy, group classes, or privates, I will do my best to help you be your best possible self and live your life to your fullest potential.



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