10 Top Qualities of a Great Yoga Teacher

What makes a yoga teacher great? Sometimes a teacher can be super trained, but as a student, you just don’t feel the love. Or you like your teacher,  but feel like you are not going anywhere.

So what makes the difference?

While there is no standard for what makes a great yoga teacher, the ancient text of Yoga Rahasya suggests the following 10 qualities of a great yoga teacher.

  1. Aparigraha – Don’t be greedy, with attention and praise.
  2. Kala –  Time: a good teacher is always on time, starts and ends the class promptly.
  3. Desa – Space: he or she is aware of space (outdoors, indoors, noise level).
  4. Vesa – Appearance: a teacher should be as neutral as possible and not make the class into a fashion or a porn show.
  5. Jnani – Knowledge: a good teacher continues their education and has a solid daily yoga practice. They know their limitations and they should have mentors and teachers.
  6. Maumi – Silence: a good teacher allows time for self-reflection.
  7. Jitatmavan – Self-control
  8. Pharmatikari – Ethical self-discipline:  He or she avoids poising your beliefs into others.
  9. Satya Parah –  Sweet truth: don’t tell someone that they have a very pretty scoliosis.
  10. Sraddraran – Faith: a good teacher believes in the practice and methods.

To me, a good teacher is the one who helps students to find their own path. They respect students religion and the spiritual background. Also, a teacher must never push their personal agenda.

What do you think?

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