2022 SOFLY Wellness Goals and Aspirations

2022 Sofly Wellness Goals And Aspirations Anna Sheinamn Full Wheal Pose

The SOFLY Wellness mission is to help us align our goals, actions, dreams, and desires. The SOFLY Wellness method blends ancient wisdom with modern science, spice it up with bits of humor, occasional dancing, plenty of laughers, and voila! So whether we are trying to lose weight, be a better spouse, friend, or parent, SOFLY wellness is here to help us to reach unbelievable heights, navigate life’s lows, and, simply put, experience the magic of our lives.

SOFLY Wellness Team

Anna Sheinman is SOFLY’s founder and the leading SOFLY Wellness coach. Anna Sheinman has been studying, teaching, and practicing yoga for the last 25 years; she is an over 800-RYT yoga and Pilates educator with a therapy flavor. Not to mention Anna Sheinman has a “Ph.D.” in the weight-loss philosophy. Anna famously lost over 45 pounds and was able to keep it off! Additionally, she took a deep delve into stem-cell rejuvenation technology. Furthermore, we are hoping to partner up with celebrity dietitians, world-leading scientists, psychologists, and yogis on the path of ultimate wellness.

2022 SOFLY Wellness Goals and Aspirations

2022 Sofly Wellness Goals And Aspirations: Anna Sheinman climbing mount Audobon

  • Mindset / Meditation / Yoga / Mental Health: Mindfulness, meditation, and yoga (all synonyms) can reduce stress, improve productivity and general mental health. We will share articles on using the applied yoga philosophy and creating easy-to-follow meditation videos and affordable programs.
  • Fitness / Pilates / Weight-lifting / Rolling / Dancing / Jumping: Of course, we can’t separate the body from the mind. It is all connected! We can change our minds with movement and vice versa. Here, we will focus on creating holistic and easy-to-follow all-inclusive workout videos, talk about fitness trends, how to workout at home, and on the budget for all ages and stages of life.
  • Weight-loss / Weight management / Weight maintenance: The 2020 pandemic has exacerbated the nation’s obesity epidemic. In 2020, 16 states had adult obesity rates at or above 35% (up from 12 states the previous year)! Extra weight cause inflation, aging, and disease. We’ll share our experience on easy-to-follow weight-loss and management, recipes, and interviews with the leading industry experts.
  • Cultivating Psychological and Physical Resilience: We’ll talk about the importance of good stress in our lives and how to cultivate strength. When we cultivate and build resilience, we gain the ability to bounce back with more resilience.
  • Mindful, Plant-Based Eating: We pay attention to our food and make absolutely delicious, quick, and nutritionally rich foods. We’ll share SOFLY Wellness plant-based recipes and easy-to-follow videos. In addition, we’ll offer customized recipes with our fitness programs.
  • Remote Life:  More companies are offering remote work, many of us are starting our online businesses. And it is simply fantastic to be able to work from home! We’ll offer tips and tricks on separating work from life and tools to be productive at home.
  • Healing with Stem Cells / Life-sciences: We age and die no matter how well we eat, exercise, and sleep. However, stem cells tech is rapidly developing and comes to the rescue. We’ll talk about the latest in stem cells research, supplements, and how to optimize your cells for longevity and good health. Additionally, we’ll dive into the life-science revolution and how the latest DNA/RNA research can help with aging, desire, and help us to fight viruses.
  • Beauty: Of course, beauty comes within. As we practice mindfulness, eat well and sleep well, we look better. However, as we age, we lose collagen and get wrinkles and sunspots. So, we’ll talk with leading industry experts on the latest non-invasive therapies and look at the best practices for looking our best regardless of our age!
  • Outdoor Therapy: We are scheduling Yoga Hikes for 2022-2023; additionally, we plan to release a brand new product, yoga, and fitness, for hikers.
  • Music: There is a lot of new and exciting research on sound healing. And it is taking the well-being world by storm. So, we’ll present a new science on how you can use this very cheap tool for your optimal wellness.
  • Doggie Live: At SOFLY Wellness, we love animals. Over the last decade, we’ve been researching dog behavior, best foods, treatments, and how four-legged friends can help us with mental health and wellness. We’ll talk to the leading experts in the industry to help you keep your four-legged friends healthy and fit.

So, my friends, here you have it. As with all SOFLY Wellness articles, videos, and other material, this post is a work in progress. We sincerely hope that you’ll join us on the journey of becoming us!

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