Sofly Super Practical Guide On How To Overcome Fear (in 12 Steps).

Super Practical Guide on How to Overcome Fear

To suffering there is a limit; to fearing, none – Francis Bacon. I was enjoying my afternoon stroll on the trail and when I went into a more isolated but still safe, area thoughts of fear suddenly came from nowhere. As I hurried towards the more populated path, I thought – what would it be

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12 Genius Tips for How to Get Glowing Skin

12 Genius Tips for How to Get Glowing Skin

But of course, skincare starts inside. Even though you probably know the gist, getting your beauty sleep, managing stress, not smoking, and not drinking (alcohol causes inflammation and aging; not to mention weight gain), simple things that create magic. Yet hard to implement because these are so simple, so we tend to forget.

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SOFLY Extreme Recovery

How to Recover from Common Cold in Six Easy Steps

Hello running nose and good night clear head. Even though you are not a formidable foe, you are annoying. So, what is a common cold? In short, it is a viral infection of your nose and throat (upper respiratory tract). Mostly harmless. There are many types of viruses that can cause a common cold. Jim

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Magical Mushrooms: Lion’s Mane on plate outdoors

Magical Mushrooms: Lion’s Mane

A few recipes may come to mind for many of us when we think about cooking with mushrooms. Of course, a popular use for mushrooms in the kitchen serves as pizza toppings, but today, I will tell you all about Magical Mushrooms: Lion’s Mane and how to prepare it for your meals. Jump to Recipe

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SOFLY Plant-Based Diet Super Easy: Your Daily Planner with Celebrity Dietitian

Plant-Based Diet Super Easy: Your Daily Planner with Celebrity Dietitian

Sometime during the dark night of the soul, none of my old tricks seemed to work. As I watch the storm and the darkness wrapping around my brain and my heart, the scale number went up. As I tossed and turned through the darkness of the starless night, the old nemesis, the ripper, was cackling by my head. I knew the feeling, I’ve been here before. There is a way out, but no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t reach the door to the other side.

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SOFLY Introduction to Meditation

Introduction to Meditation

If you want to know if your meditation is working, listen to your inner dialog and observe your relationships.

Become friends with yourself. Once you learn how to treat yourself well, it will automatically translate into your relationships with others and the world.
Learn how to manage stress. In our culture, we demonize stress. Yet, stress is not something that happens to us but rather a physical reaction to our circumstances. Both pain and stress are reactions multiplied by resistance.
Cultivate focus.
Reduce brain chatter.

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Sofly When Science Fiction Turns Into Science Fact

How My Love for Science Fiction Changed My Life

What if instead of telling you to “act your age,” I would ask you to act childish, free your mind, play, explore, experience awe, dream, and imagine? In 2020, I turned 45-earth-years-young. I still have many vibrant passions in life: mountains, writing, reading, music, the outdoors, teaching, practicing wellness, and I love animals!   One of

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10 Proven Strategies to Improve Your Sleep Immediately

10 Proven Strategies to Improve Your Sleep Immediately

“The best bridge between despair and hope is a good night’s sleep.”  Matthew Walker After a poor night’s sleep, we all know how we feel–sluggish; we tend to overeat and feel a bit more on edge after we toss and turn at night. In contrast, we feel energized and ready to seize the day after

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SOFLY 5 Effortless Steps on How to Take Heartwarming & Blissful Bath

5 Effortless Steps on How to Take Heartwarming & Blissful Hot Bath

Why Should You Take A Bath?

Mainly, it just feels delicious! Secondly, based on this study, hot water immersion can improve heart health similarly to what is typically observed with exercise. Identical to the sauna, hot water immersion for eight weeks reduced arterial stiffness and thickness and decreased blood pressure. Add cold to it for a bonus – you would get the benefits of the contract showers, shaking, and all other meditation aspects that bath offers. 

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SOFLY 5 Easy Ways on How to Use Sacred Pause

5 Easy Ways on How to Use Sacred Pause

A quote from a book that made me cry and change my life forever!

A Man’s Search for Meaning by Victor Frankl. The author talks about his horrific experiences as a prisoner in Nazi concentration camps during World War II. Victor Frankl survived the most gruesome experiences a human can endure.  Everything that makes us human was taken away from him.  Yet, it was not what happened to Victor Frankl but how he responded. Even when everything was taken from him, Viktor Frankl found freedom and power in his ability to choose his response.

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