SOLFY Pilates

SOFLY Pilates
  • Price is $70 for Pilates.
  • Pay to secure an appointment, complete the paperwork, and get a zoom link.
  • 5-pack discount: $325.00 ($25 off + 1 free session savings: $120)
  • An initial session or free consultation is a prerequisite for this package. 
  • 10-pack discount: $650 ($50 off +1 Free session savings: $120)
  • If you’d like to delve deeper, invest in 10-pack
  • An initial session or free consultation is a prerequisite for this package. 
  • Please email for scheduling and availability.
  • If you have never worked with me, I recommend scheduling a first session or free call.
  • 20-pack discount: $1300 ($100 off + 1 Free Session savings: $170)
  • If you’d like to dig deep and get the most benefits from your sessions, look no further!

When I buy a Package, What's Next?

SOFLY Fall Special Anna Pilates
  • When you buy a package,  you fill out the paperwork and make a payment.
  • I schedule a session for each week using a google calendar based on your and mine availability.
  • Zoom link will be included in the google calendar.
  • We can meet once a week, twice, or more per week (depending on the schedule). 
  • A typical session starts with awareness and check-in; we go through a classical Pilates Mat with SOFLY spice modified for your level.  
What do I need?
  • The comfy workout clothing.
  • Mat and a quiet place where I can see you.
  • basic tripod is not required but can be a huge help (you can get one for $33 on Amazon).
  • A good internet connection.
  • If we continue working, I may ask you to purchase some therabands and a roller (again, all super cheap). 
What should you expect?
  • Each week we work towards balance, i.e., strengthening the weak muscles and lengthening the tight muscles. 
  • We track your progress together; I keep some notes and check in if we are on track.
  • Longer, leaner, more functional body, clear mind.
  • Personally, I rehab the pain in my knees, lower back, and ankles, tightened my core muscles, and gained an inch in height.
  • Many of my students reported that the back, knee, and ankle pain was either reduced or eliminated and knee and neck pain improved after a few weeks of training.
  • Stronger core and better posture. 
  • Some lost weight. 
  • Changes can be seen, provided that you stay consistent.
  • I don’t prescribe any diets, but I can share my strategies on how I lost over 40 pounds in addition to training. 
  • If you have any medical issues, please seek medical care!
  • Of course, I am not a medical doctor and can’t treat any medical issues.   
What are my credentials?
  • I am over 700-RYT hours certified in Yoga with a therapeutic flavor (teachers: Chase Bossart, AG Mohan, Gary Kraftsow, and more). 
  • I completed classical Mat with Ellie Herman and Good Life Pilates.
  • Currently, I am in the Pilates master’s program with Ellie Herman (competition date: 2023) and taking additional anatomy classes.
  • Read my full story here
What if I need to cancel or reschedule?
  • The SOLFY cancellation policy allows for 24-hour cancellation
  • In case of an emergency, you can cancel earlier
  • My schedule is very tight, so be respectful and show up on time
  • If you cancel twice at the last minute or show up late, we can’t work together!
  • Show up on time, or you’ll be charged a full price
  • More details in the agreement

Reach Out For Questions and Additional Schedule

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