My Success Story: Healing Injuries with Stem Cells

If you considering the Regenexx stem cell procedure, this article is for you.

Firstly, my MRI reports (before and after):

February 2015 MRI Report 

January 2017 MRI 

Secondly, what I’ve done:

My Regenexx Stem Stem Success Journey

I had a debilitating knee injury in 2015. Three top surgeons and most of the people I know recommended surgery. Instead of going under the knife, I’ve decided to explore other possibilities.

After some digging, I found a Regenexx Stem Cell place specializing in regenerative stem cell procedures. To sum up, the method is to use your own stem cells to regenerate the damaged tissues.

Firstly, I strongly believed that there is a chance for the stem cell procedure to work. Secondly, I contribute my stem cell success to the preparation and recovery phases. Thirdly, I introduced intermittent fasting and switched to whole food plant-based diet. Fourthly, I did my physical therapy daily. Finally, I practiced healing visualization meditation daily. As a result:

My ACL regenerated by 90%! 


What Are Stem Cells?

“What are stem cells?” you ask. Possibly the coolest – and least understood – cells in the body

Darwin Prockop, M.D., Ph.D.

Stem cells are capable of giving rise to indefinitely more cells of the same type, and from which certain other kinds of cell arise by differentiation. Many debilitating medical diseases and premature aging are due to abnormalities in these processes.

Furthermore, there is a body of new and existing research. For instance, Medical News Today recently reported how stem cells show potential for brain damage repair. Research from Australia suggests by manipulating cell-surface proteins it may be possible to get bone marrow stem cells to differentiate into brain cells. If the method proves practical, it could lead to ways of generating new brain cell populations for repairing brain damage. 


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14 thoughts on “My Success Story: Healing Injuries with Stem Cells”

  1. Wow Anna what an amazing story and journey!!! A very informative and interesting blog today, it’s amazing what our own bodies can do to repair itself, and with new and remarkable scientific discoveries, the technology is unlimited!!! Thanks for sharing your pain and recovery today! Xo

  2. I’m stoked to hear how much your intuition paid off! Wonderful news about the 90% regeneration of your ACL.
    I have one major story where going against conventional wisdom paid off. It involves my dog Missy, as you know by now 😉 Her cancer diagnosis motivated me to question traditional dry dog food and move on to the much healthier, more species-appropriate option of raw dog food. 2 years after her tumor removal and chemotherapy, she’s never been healthier. It’s truly amazing what a big role the right kind of nutrition plays in health, human or K9, or any species, really!

    • Hi Barbara,

      I went through fear and doubt throughout this whole process. But, I just kept taking actions to make myself better before and after the procedure. After all, our actions are something we have control over. Also, I did visualization meditation daily – not sure if it helped. But, certainly did no harm.

      I am so happy for Missy! Cancer free, healthier and happier pup – WOF!
      You are such an excellent and responsible parent. Not to mention, your experience, helped me to make better choices with Rocky’s diet.
      Of course, nutrition is the key in ours and our K9 friends! Too bad a fewer human and K9 doctors discuss it.

      Thanks for stopping by,

      • Yes, it’s a shame that important health information is withheld from the general public as far as the right kind of nutrition is concerned, for humans and dogs/cats alike, only to make money to treat sickness. I’d much rather spend money on preventing sickness in the first place and being able to enjoy life to the fullest.

        I love what you said – we have control over our actions. That is so true. I suppose sometimes we just need the right kind of kick in our behind to trust in our ability to take the right action. Again, I’m excited that you followed through with it!!


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