How My Love for Science Fiction Changed My Life

Sofly When Science Fiction Turns Into Science Fact

What if instead of telling you to “act your age,” I would ask you to act childish, free your mind, play, explore, experience awe, dream, and imagine? In 2020, I turned 45-earth-years-young. I still have many vibrant passions in life: mountains, writing, reading, music, the outdoors, teaching, practicing wellness, and I love animals!   One of … Read more

Essential Guide to Healing Knee Pain [Bonus: PDF with PT exercises]

Essential Guide to Healing Knee Pain [Part 1] If you are tired of knee pain? The following is a jumpstart guide towards healing. Trust me! I know how annoying it is not to play, to wake up in pain. I’ve been dealing with knee pain over two years after busting my knee in 2015. However, my … Read more

My Skiing Love Affair

For many of us, skiing is better than the best friend, family or a lover.  When we aren’t skiing, we anticipate winter months as we crave the sweet solitude of the chairlift. We love going to the slopes. We count on the sport to quiet our anxieties, focus our minds, and make us happier, healthier, and saner. You can’t buy happiness, but … Read more